Benefits of Infrared Heating Pads

If you suffer from chronic pain, a far infrared heating pad is the perfect solution. It can help you relax, reduce stress and boost your healing process.

Unlike electric heating pads, FIR heat penetrates your body 10 times deeper. It transforms from light energy to heat energy and helps increase blood circulation, promoting pain relief and healing the damaged tissue.

Improved Blood Circulation

Unlike traditional electric heating pads that heat the surface of the skin, infrared heating pads use semi-precious stones (such as Tourmaline, Jade, or Amethyst) or carbon fiber material to emit far infrared rays. These waves penetrate deep into your body tissues and change from light energy into thermal energy, which helps relieve pain and heal injured muscles.

The rays increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, helping them relax and release built-up toxins. They also stimulate the production of endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers.

Some pads incorporate jade, which is known to be the most efficient natural absorber of far infrared rays. The jade stone also emits negative ions, which counteract the electromagnetic radiation put out by electric devices, such as computers and cell phones. This results in a safer, more effective healing and pain relief treatment. Infrared therapy is also said to help you sleep better, as it induces a more restful state.

Increased Comfort

If you are suffering from a pinched nerve, then you might find relief by applying heat therapy to the affected area. However, it is advisable to use cold treatment first before using the heating pad. The reason is that cold therapy reduces inflammation in the body which enables healing to begin.

Unlike regular heating pads that heat the skin, infrared heating pads emit far-infrared rays through semi-precious stones (Tourmaline/Jade) or carbon fiber material which penetrate deep into the body tissues all the way to your muscles, joints, and spine. This helps to soothe your pain, relax your muscles and boost your blood circulation to the affected area.

In addition, some far-infrared heating pads come with gemstones like amethyst and tourmaline that provide more benefits when exposed to heat. For example, when amethyst and tourmaline are heated they release negative ions into the air which have several health benefits including helping you to sleep better, improving mental clarity, alleviating headaches, enhancing drowsiness, and relieving migraines.

Relieves Chronic Pain

Many people use standard electric heating pads to relieve pain from injuries and chronic problems like sprains, strains and herniated discs. However, these ordinary heating pads only heat up the surface layer of skin which helps only temporarily and then the relief ends as soon as you stop using it.

Infrared heat therapy penetrates deep into muscles, joints and tissues at a lower surface temperature promoting increased blood flow that carries essential proteins, oxygen and nutrients that help heal the injury or chronic condition. This healing heat is also gentle enough to safely treat thin individuals and those with bony spurs.

Infrared heating pads are studded with semi-precious stones (Jade, Tourmaline or Amethyst) or carbon fiber to emit deep penetrating infrared rays that soothe and relax you. They’re easy to use and have an automatic shut off when the unit in contact with your body reaches 130 degrees to avoid skin burns. This type of infrared heat has been shown to effectively reduce chronic back pain in a double-blind, placebo controlled trial.

Increases Social Interaction

The soothing infrared rays of a UTK far-infrared mat with jade and tourmaline stones penetrate the body’s surface and insulating fat, warming the muscles from the inside out. The resulting increase in blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and stimulates healthy macrophage actions that eliminate damaged cells.

Infrared heat also increases flexibility. This is particularly beneficial to older adults who may have lost some of the elasticity in their muscle fibers and connective tissue.

In addition, infrared therapy is more comfortable than the intense heat of a traditional sauna. And since most infrared pads look like yoga mats, they are easy to use. You just lie down on the mat and enjoy the benefits of the infrared heat. Most infrared therapy mats are also portable, so you can take them with you on the go. Some even have built-in batteries so that you can use them without a power source. Moreover, they are safe to use, free of EMFs and other harmful radiation.

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