Best Rubik’s Cube Puzzles

The Rubik’s Cube is the most popular puzzle in the world. It has 43 quintillion possible combinations, and it requires concentration, patience, and diligence. The cube was invented by Erno Rubik, who hoped it would appeal to students of sculpture and architecture.

A best rubik’s cube has fast rotations, which allow you to execute algorithms in record time. However, these cubes can have lockups, which disrupt the execution of your algorithms and ruin your solve.

MoYu RS3M 2020

The MoYu RS3M 2020 is one of the best 3×3 budget cubes available. It features a sturdy mechanism and fast, smooth rotation. It can be used by beginner and pro cubers alike. It also comes with a magnet kit that allows you to add more magnets to the cube for an even better magnetic feel and improved alignment.

The RS3M is a budget friendly magnetic 3×3 speedcube from MoYu. It has a robust mechanism and medium strength magnets, making it ideal for all levels of solvers. This model also has a dual adjustment system, allowing you to fine-tune the spring elasticity and stability of the puzzle for a more customized experience.

The RS3M is a great cube for beginners and intermediates, with fast and smooth rotation. It is a little dry out of the box, but it will turn nicely after some solves. You will need to lubricate the cube before you start using it.

GAN 356 i Carry

This cube is a favorite among speedcubers because it has a smooth feel and fast turning speed. The GAN 356 X is also customizable, with a dual-adjustment system that allows you to fine-tune the magnet strength and tension. The cube is also able to perform Rubik’s Cube algorithms very quickly, which is important for competitive cubers.

The cube features a stickerless design, and its colors are reflected in a frosted plastic surface. It’s also a very quiet cube, which makes it ideal for learning and practicing algorithms. It’s a great choice for beginners who want to get into speed cubing.

This Bluetooth-enabled smart cube connects to the GAN Cube Station app via Bluetooth, allowing you to track your solve times and compete in online races with other cubers worldwide. It has a replaceable battery that lasts for 280 hours, and it’s lightweight and portable. The app also includes a variety of trainings and tutorials, as well as basic CFOP algorithms to help you improve your solving skills.


GAN’s 2020 flagship 3×3 is a revolutionary new design with an innovative corner-core magnetic positioning system and advanced modifiability. The core consists of 8 pairs of magnets stemming from the corners to the base and they can be switched between light, moderate or strong settings by toggling a switch.

The centre pieces use the GES (GAN Elasticity System) tensioning method, which uses a system of coloured nut and spring caps. The colour of the nut indicates the elasticity level, purple being the weakest, yellow the strongest and green in between.

The GAN 11 M Pro is available in Frosted Stickerless with Primary internals, Frosted Black Stickerless and UV Coated. It comes with all the tools you need to set up your cube, extra magnets of varying strengths and GAN’s protective storage pouch. It also includes the GES adjusting tool with numbers 1-3 on it so that you can easily change the distance setting of your corner magnets.

Yj Yulong

The Yj Yulong is a 3×3 speedcube that prioritizes fast rotation. Its loose tensions between the cube pieces and moderate magnet strength make it one of the best 3x3s for beginning speedcubers. Its modern design and updated ridges and slots on the edges and corners increase stability and control. It is also very budget friendly.

The cube is manufactured with a harder plastic than other budget cubes, which negates the cheap feeling of some budget models. It also features a new anti-cornertwist design and over 45 degrees of corner cutting.

The Yj Yulong is in the same league as a flagship main cube, but at about one third of the price. It is a great choice for a beginner and will grow with you as your skills improve. It is also the cheapest in this class of budget cubes. It is available for purchase online at Desertcart, a quintessential one-stop shop to explore a galaxy of brands and products.

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