Best Speed Cubes

The best speed cubes are smooth and stable with a buttery feel. They also have great corner cutting and a good design that prevents catching, which can ruin your solving experience.

The GAN 356 M is one of the best cubes to buy if you’re looking for a high-quality cube that can perform well at competitions. It has a premium feel and features dual adjustment to help you modify the magnet strength easily.

1. D-FantiX Cyclone 3×3

The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys is more than just a standard 3×3 speed cube. It has refined the formula to a point where even beginners will appreciate its buttery-smooth turning and impressive fault tolerance. It also reduces weight by removing stickers and painting separate blocks, improving the overall performance of the cube.

The rounded internal cubes and the embedded spring allow for quick and easy corner-cutting, making it hard to pop and easy to control. It has a slightly higher number of moves and is more difficult to solve than the original rubik’s cube, yet it has good abrasion resistance and a smooth turn mechanism.

It is a fun and challenging puzzle to improve concentration, hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking, and other cognitive abilities. It is the ideal gift for kids and people who love to challenge themselves. It is also great for teaching children to focus and practice patience. It comes pre-lubricated and tensioned and is very easy to break in and play.

2. Shengshou Megaminx

The Shengshou Megaminx is a high-quality big cube from popular manufacturer Shengshou. It has a stickerless design and performs well right out of the box. This is a great choice for newcomers to the Megaminx world.

The Examinc Dodecahedron is the equivalent of an 11×11 Rubik’s Cube in a dodecahedron shape – it can be a bit trickier to solve because it has 50 movable pieces instead of 20! This puzzle comes in a stickerless version and is highly lubricated.

Shengshou is renowned for their high quality and smooth performance products, so it’s no surprise that they would produce one of the best Megaminxes out there! The Shengshou Megaminx has a beautiful design, great out of the box performance, and is suitable for both beginners and competitive cubers. There are also some different shape modifications available, like the Hexaminx and the Impossiball, that offer an even more challenging experience! Also, there are some color variants, such as the 6-color and 12-color versions.

3. QiYi RS3M

The QiYi RS3M is one of the most affordable cubes with excellent performance. It has been used by many world record holders and offers great control and speed. This cube is stable and doesn’t pop out much making it a great choice for beginners.

Cubes that are optimized for speed have low friction between layers which allows ultra-fast algorithm execution. This also reduces the amount of effort it takes to turn the cube’s sides. This type of cube may not be as controllable for beginner cubers because it can feel like there is no resistance between the layers.

Some of the best speed cubes feature magnets, which help increase stability and prevent overshooting during twists. The MoYu GTS3 features magnets and is a favorite of world record breakers. The new 2022 model adds more magnetization to the center caps for even better control. The new version is still fast and has an excellent feel. It comes in both a stickerless and a stickered versions.

4. MoYu GTS3

If you’re just starting out in the world of speed cubing and want a high-quality model that feels great to twist and won’t break your budget, this is the one. It doesn’t rely on cheap springs that stretch or wear out over time and has more adjustability options than some cubes that cost twice as much.

It’s a great choice for beginners who don’t want to invest a lot of money but still want a top-of-the-line cube that performs well, and it’s also a good pick for experienced solvers who love value. It comes with a display box, adjustment tools, spare magnets of 6, featured cards and instruction manuals.

This flagship puzzle from MoYu is outfitted with a variety of innovative new features such as the spring compression gear system and outer ridges to assist grip. It’s naturally fast, crispy and smooth and is a world-class speed cube when lubed with Angstrom and DNM-37. It comes packaged inside a fancy box with a gear adjustment tool, an instruction manual, introduction card and a randomly-selected Team MoYu card.

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