Discover the Art of Bohemian Living

Bohemian-inspired elements like wood, rattan, and jute create a grounded and organic feel to living spaces. Plants are also a key element to boho decor, especially when displayed in creative ways such as macrame wall hangings or woven baskets.

Creative thrift shops and flea markets are great places to find unique pieces that fit the bohemian aesthetic. Mixing vintage and modern pieces is also a common theme in this style. Check for the boho magazine.


Color is an important part of bohemian decor. Whether it’s a bright fuchsia or rich turquoise, bold colors make a statement and add a sense of excitement to the space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns as well. It’s all about embracing individuality and creating a look that is uniquely you.

Fringe is a common element found in bohemian decor. This design element can come in many different styles and materials, from woven fringe rugs to vibrant fringe wall hangings. You can also incorporate fringe details on throw pillows or even the edges of a table runner.

Bringing a bohemian touch to your bedroom is essential for promoting relaxation and comfort. Adding a patterned fuchsia tufted headboard and bohemian-inspired lamps can help you create a relaxing and serene escape.


One of the main defining characteristics of the boho style is the use of patterns. Large-scale prints and intricate designs are often found in boho decor, and they can be layered to create a unique and eclectic look.

Handmade accessories also have a place in bohemian design. Whether it’s macrame, crochet, or stitched fabric, handmade decor adds texture and a natural feel to any room.

Bold colors are also a key element of bohemian style, and they can be added through artwork or accessories. Try incorporating some botanical prints or landscape paintings into your home, or consider a unique plant hanger made of woven natural fibers. Plants are a staple of any bohemian space and they add visual interest, purify the air, and bring a calming vibe to any room.

Natural Elements

As a natural and earthy style, bohemian decor often incorporates elements of nature. This could include a botanical print, a landscape painting, or even a wall hanging made from woven natural fibers.

Woven baskets, wooden bowls, handmade ceramics, and brass objects all fit well into bohemian decor. Plants are also a key bohemian element, as they not only add visual interest, but they can help purify the air and create a calming environment.

Lastly, bohemian decor often includes elements that reflect spirituality or the supernatural. For example, crystal geodes and dream catchers are a great way to add mystical and whimsical elements to your space. These elements can be displayed on a table, wall, or in a decorative tray.


Fringe is a key element of bohemian fashion, adding texture and a touch of whimsy to your outfits. From tassel earrings to fringed handbags, there are plenty of ways to add this look to your wardrobe. Fringe details can also be incorporated into accessories like scarves or even into hairstyles.

Try a fringed scarf with your favorite jeans and tee for an easy daytime look or a bohemian-inspired party outfit. You can also wear a fringed vest over a floral maxi dress for an effortlessly chic evening look.

Explore your inner free spirit with this enchanting range of bohemian-themed stamps, dies, embossing folders and more. Perfect for all abilities, the Sara Signature Bohemian Collection is designed to work together and inspire your creativity.


No bohemian home is complete without a touch of greenery. Whether you opt for a simple succulent in a planter on your nightstand or a vine crawling up your wall, plants add vibrancy and texture to any room.

Other natural materials like rattan and jute also play a major role in creating the perfect bohemian look. Use woven baskets for everything from storing blankets to displaying your favorite plants, and incorporate macrame wall hangings and handmade pottery into the mix.

Unleash your creativity and transform a vintage scarf into a headband or breathe new life into a pair of jeans with embroidered details. These DIY projects and upcycling ideas complement the relaxed style of bohemian décor and help you create a one-of-a-kind space that feels authentic to your spirit.

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