Enhancing Safety With Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras use radio waves to send footage to a receiver or hub. They do not require wires, and they typically run on a battery or a power supply.

Wi-Fi cameras connect to homes’ routers and often rely on range extenders or hubs to boost signals between the camera and the router. They also rely on a home’s Internet connection to upload or download footage.

Protect Your Property

Some wireless security cameras connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and can save videos (either on the device itself or in the cloud) for easy access. Others are battery-operated and don’t require cables running all over your property or a hefty central unit like you would find with wired systems.

These types of cameras tend to be less vulnerable to sabotage since they don’t have a cable that can be cut. Plus, they’re usually easier to install.

Choosing the right battery-operated wireless camera for your home requires some thought. If possible, look for one with a human detection feature that can tell the difference between a squirrel or swaying branches and a real person. Also, make sure the camera is mounted high enough that a burglar can’t easily redirect or cover it. Finally, choose a camera that will stay charged for days or even months. This can be done with solar panels, a charger, or by monitoring low battery notifications and charging it when needed.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

When kids are home alone, wireless security cameras can give parents peace of mind. They can help confirm whether a child made it to school on time or if they’re doing their chores. And in a case of an emergency, they can alert parents and authorities to what’s happening in their home.

To prevent hacking, consider placing your cameras on a separate network from your home wireless router. This way, if someone successfully gains access to your camera’s network, they wouldn’t also have easy access to other devices on the same network, including personal computers.

The best home security cameras have features like night vision, two-way audio communication, motion tracking and a micro SD card slot for recording a limited amount of footage. Some also have voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. CR’s pick, the wireless TP-Link Kasa Smart Camera earns stellar video quality and response time in our tests. It comes with free video storage and a built-in siren, and offers additional cloud storage with a subscription.

Keep an Eye on Your Pets

Whether you have a curious puppy that gets into everything or a meow-happy cat who just wants you to come home, pet cameras can ease your anxiety about leaving them alone. Look for one with an app that can be accessed via your smartphone to see what they’re up to at any time. A camera that dispenses treats can help train your pet to associate the camera with you, while two-way audio lets you offer calming words or a playdate from anywhere.

Most wireless security cameras detect movement, with some able to distinguish between humans and cars or other inanimate objects so you’re only notified about important events. Some use artificial intelligence to recognize specific behaviors, like barking or meowing, so you can get super-specific notifications. Check the company’s track record to avoid data breaches and make sure your camera supports WPA2, an industry-recognized protocol that limits digital snooping. Many outdoor-specific models also include features like flood lights and night vision to improve surveillance.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

Whether you’re concerned about packages left on your porch or critters peeking into your garbage cans, security cameras can put your mind at ease. With alerts sent to your smartphone, you can keep an eye on what’s going on outside without leaving the comfort of your home.

Many wireless security cameras require a Wi-Fi connection to transmit data. That’s why it’s important to choose a router that offers strong password protection and encryption options. Consider putting your camera on a separate network so that it isn’t vulnerable to hackers who may have access to your other devices, including computers and mobile phones.

If you have questions about which camera system is best for your home, contact us to speak with a security expert. We’ll be happy to explain your options and help you design a camera system that will protect the things that matter most to you. CLICK HERE to get started. We offer free consultations and estimates.

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