Exploring the World of Smart Cubes

An interactive cube that connects to your phone can be an engaging learning tool and an effective way to increase student engagement in classrooms.

Solving the cube requires sharp reflexes and flawless hand-eye coordination to complete successfully, while speedsolvers can cover three moves every second – skills which translate directly to typing faster on computers or messaging faster on phones.

1. GAN 356 i 3

The GAN 356 i 3 is a Bluetooth Smart Cube equipped with adjustable magnets that allows you to tailor its strength according to your turning style and turns easily. Furthermore, its inbuilt gyroscope tracks movement tracking – making this ideal for cubers who compete online or want to improve performance. Plus it is compatible with GAN PowerPod (sold separately).

GAN has recently introduced their 2019 flagship cube. It feels similar to their other cubes while performing like a top speed cube with 48 magnets, screw/spring tension system and excellent corner cutting performance. Perfect for anyone interested in trying out Bluetooth smart cubing!

This Bluetooth smart cube features an advanced adjustment system that enables you to choose from 7 magnetic strengths. Its new design combines structural improvements for enhanced performance with updated computer systems to reduce latency and efficency, making this compatible with GAN Robot and saving both time and effort when it comes to solving puzzles. The battery lasts approximately 280 hours of continuous playback when charged via its PowerPod; plus there is also an included cube bag! It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can track solves, practice algorithms, compete globally or compete locally against friends or strangers globally using its connected smartphone apps!

2. GoCube 2×2

GoCube is an award-winning smart cube that packs a world of technology into a standard-sized rotatable cube. Featuring intelligent sensors, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology to connect with its app and light indications to indicate your status, smart speed cubing drills and tips to speed up solving, as well as a battery-operated LED lighting system to display progress and achievements; GoCube stands apart as the premier smart cube available today.

If you enjoy speedcubing, this smooth moving cube and its accompanying app’s drills to enhance rotational and dexterity skills will be sure to impress. Perfect for beginners and casual users, yet don’t let its seemingly innocuous exterior fool you – this puzzle remains quite challenging!

Although not as advanced as the GoCube Edge 3×3, this bluetooth-enabled smart cube offers a fun way to learn the fundamentals of speedcubing puzzle. Through an app, you can track your progress and compete against cubers from around the world; additionally it teaches specific movements of pieces which helps improve solving time – making this STEM toy suitable for children and adults of all ages alike – it may even offer an enjoyable alternative to screen time!

3. GoCube Edge 3×3

GoCube is an app-enabled speed cube designed to bring vintage puzzle cubes back into modern society. Anyone can learn to solve it through fun and interactive methods; develop their skills; track their progress; and compete against friends or fellow cubers around the globe.

GoCube Edge 3×3 is an impressively techy connected cube with an attractive pillowed design that exudes futuristic cool. Equipped with an advanced magnetic cube mechanism for superior corner cutting and turning actions as well as smooth turning action. Equipped with an internal gyroscope and accelerometer that detect movement of cube pieces to determine current configuration as well as Bluetooth connectivity so it can communicate with app functions for even further functionality.

The GoCube app features an excellent academy mode that makes learning to solve a cube easy, step by step. Both my wife and I were quickly able to grasp the fundamentals without prior experience; following step-by-step instructions proved straightforward. Furthermore, there are also other activities like speed cubing challenges and casual puzzle games where your GoCube serves as the controller.

Note that the GoCube Edge cannot be completely powered off; only offline mode can be set. Therefore, to maintain proper functioning you will need to disconnect its battery regularly and lubricate/oil it frequently. Luckily, the device comes equipped with USB charger, clear plastic stand and high-quality drawstring faux suede carrier pouch for transporting.

4. GoCube Academy

Are You Stuck at Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic or Looking to Keep Your Mind and Hands Engaged? A puzzle cube can be an ideal way to pass time while at home during an infectious disease pandemic; but learning its inner workings can be intimidating for beginners. GoCube Academy is a Bluetooth cube with an accompanying app that makes learning to solve them simpler through interactive tutorials.

This cube features sensors that track its movements and a magnetic speed mechanism for precise and smooth gameplay. Connected via Bluetooth 5.0 to your phone or tablet using the GoCube app, it provides real-time feedback from physical to virtual cube in real-time; advanced stats and analytics give insight into your progress; while competitive matches between cubers around the world take place online as well.

Zastrow, Hayes and Birgen have extensive backgrounds that span aeronautical engineering to business development – but their success with an Indiegogo Certified campaign at Arrow Electronics was truly crucial in meeting their goals. From product design to fulfillment logistics services provided by Arrow’s expert staff – their partnership gave the Smart Cube team confidence to expand production worldwide and share this groundbreaking technology.

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