Fun DIYs You Can Make With A Macrame Cord

Knitting can be a very fun skill to have. Some people even use it for meditation. Just put on your headphones and knit away to the rhythm of the music. It helps to keep your mind focused while simultaneously keeping you relaxed. It is even a fun weekend activity to do with your kids.

A macrame cord is usually the best kind of yarn for knitting. It is easy to use and looks really aesthetically pleasing. Not to forget its plush and soft feel. Some of the DIYs with a macrame cord do not even require intensive knitting skills and are super fun to make. So, here’s a list of fun and easy DIYs you can make with a macrame cord.

A Coaster

The first DIY is the easiest one to make. All you need to make a coaster is a macrame cord and a hot glue gun. Start off by twisting the fabric into a coil. Then, take your glue gun and put it on the edges whenever the yarn completes a circle to stick it in place, and voila! Your macrame coaster is ready.

Tip: to make the coaster even prettier, stick some sparkly beads on the edges.

A Dream Catcher

What macrame cord DIY list is complete without a dream catcher? If you know the right tricks, making one will be a treat for you. Begin with choosing your favourite color for the dream catcher. Then, take a big circular ring and start tying the lark’s head knots into it with the fabric.

Once you have covered about 1/8th of the ring, flip it upside down and divide the pieces in half. Start taking the pieces and tie them into a half-hitch knot in the middle. Repeat this process until both sections are covered. This is more of a complicated DIY but the results are to die for.

A Macrame Art Piece

Not really good at knitting but intrigued by the yarn? You are covered in that case as well. Creating an art piece out of a macrame cord is a piece of cake. You can start off by taking a sturdy piece of paper and drawing something on it. It can be a banana, a scenery, or anything you like.

Then take a macrame cord of that particular color, you can find a bunch on Alibaba, and start gluing the fabric onto the paper. A coil-like filling usually looks neater and your art piece is ready!

A Plant Hanger

For this, you will need 10 macrame cords of 6 inches each. Then, fold them in such a way that there are 3 inches on one side and 7 inches on the other. The top of the fold is where you will attach the metal or wooden ring using a Lark’s head knot. Take 2 of the longest chords and square knot them until you are left with 4 square knots.

Separate the chords into 3 groups consisting of 2 short and 2 long chords. Knot and knot until there are about 4 inches of the chord left. Then tie a square knot using the 3 chords and your beautiful plant hanger is done!

Macrame chords are one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics out there. Not to forget, how breathtaking their creations look. The boho aesthetic is always trendy so it is high time you brush up your skills and try these fun DIYs today.

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