How Incfile Can Save You Time and Money When Starting a Business

Incfile can help businesses amend addresses, change company names and memberships, file fictitious business name reports and do foreign qualification for businesses expanding into new states. They can also help companies dissolve entities and complete annual reporting and tax forms.

All Incfile packages include registered agent service free for one year ($119/yr after). They have a Gold and Platinum package that adds an EIN acquisition and banking resolution to the mix.

Save Time

Incorpfile takes care of everything business-related for you, leaving you to focus on growing your company. They take care of the business registration process, obtaining your EIN (like a business social security number) and filing your taxes. They even have a Learning Center on their website to help you learn more about your business and the legalities that go along with it.

They also offer several add-on services such as drafting an operating agreement and setting up a bank account. They offer lifetime alerts and have a Gold plan that includes these services along with an expedited filing service, which is helpful to some companies in need of speedy processing times from their state government.

The only downside is that their cancellation policies aren’t clearly stated alongside their services and the language on their renewal policy for yearly services is buried in a lot of legalese that you have to read through. Still, they offer a great service that saves you time and money.

Save Money

Founded in 2004 out of Houston, Incfile has helped incorporate more than 1 million businesses. They have a free formation plan and a variety of add-ons to choose from.

While they do not include an EIN (tax ID number) in their free plans, the company can assist with obtaining one on your behalf. They also provide important documents such as an operating agreement and banking resolutions that set forth the rules, regulations and provisions of your business.

Additionally, Incfile offers business tax consultations that can help you with navigating the intricacies of federal and state laws. They can also prepare forms for S corporations and help you file payroll taxes. Their registration packages range from $0 to $199, with a bundle option that includes free registered agent services through the first year ($119 per year thereafter). Many customers praise their service for being easy to use and helping them save time and money. They also offer a money-back guarantee.

Save Your Taxes

The free Silver package from Incfile comes with one year of registered agent service (renewing at $119 per year starting the second year), a sample document library and business email. The company also has a partnership with Bank of America to help entrepreneurs get their business banking set up, which is important to separate your personal financial assets from those of the company.

Incfile also offers a mid-tier Gold package for $199 that includes next-day processing and unlimited business name searches. It also comes with an operating agreement and banking resolution, an EIN acquisition and a business tax consultation.

Platinum is the most expensive option at $299, but it comes with an in-house attorney to help you prepare your articles of incorporation, plus lifetime company alerts and expedited state filings. It also provides a business dashboard to streamline all your documents and reminders about compliance deadlines. This package also comes with a domain name and website hosting.

Save Your Credibility

Keeping track of the many forms and deadlines involved in starting a business can be difficult. Incfile makes it easier by providing a tool that shows you how long it will take to get your documents filed and processed in each state. The company also provides a convenient online dashboard that concisely displays order statuses and key deadlines, as well as stores previously drafted and submitted documents.

The company has helped more than 1 million businesses, according to its website. It offers a free trial period and has weekend phone support. Customers have a variety of positive feedback regarding the company, but some complain about inconsistent email and phone support.

Incfile offers a number of basic services, such as registering a DBA or Fictitious Business Name and filing annual reports. Its prices are competitive with those of competitors. Its Gold package offers a few extras, such as drafting an operating agreement and a banking resolution, and lifetime company alerts.

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