How to Choose a Rubix Speedcube

A cuber solves a 3x3x3 Rubix Speedcube by using algorithms—a series of memorized moves that transform each face. There are dozens of algorithms that can be strung together to achieve an elite level of speedsolving.

MoYu and GAN are two of the main companies in the market, both creating flagships with a nice, premium feel and budget cubes that appeal to people on a budget.


A speed cube’s size has a significant impact on its stability. Smaller cubes tend to be less stable, but there are exceptions. Some cubers prefer smaller ones, while others enjoy the feeling of a heavier puzzle in their hands. A medium-weighted cube is ideal for most people.

A popular choice is the Dayan Zanchi, also known as DY or DA. It was the fifth 3×3 in the Dayan series and made its debut in 2011. It is a fast, smooth cube with excellent corner cutting and is available in both stickerless and stickered versions. It is a great choice for beginners and experienced cubers alike.

Another factor that determines the stability of a cube is its internal design. A high-quality cube should be designed with a strong core and magnets that are aligned to provide better stability. It should also be pre-lubricated to help you achieve faster times. There are several different types of lubricants, so it’s important to pick the one that fits your needs.


A good speed cube should have high stability. This is particularly important for beginners. A poor-quality cube can be uncontrollable or twist too much, making it hard to execute the algorithms. This can disrupt your solving and ruin the experience.

A well-designed cube will have minimal catching, which happens when a corner piece catches onto another layer. This can cause a lockup, which can make the cube impossible to solve. It can also distract you and make your solving slower. A good design will minimize catching, which makes for an excellent cube experience.

A new design of the cube has improved the speed at which it turns and reduced the friction between layers. This has enabled new world records, including the most recent one of 3.47 seconds for a single solve. These new designs are optimized for speed, so they are very fast out of the box and have a smooth feel. Moreover, the corners can cut at an angle of up to 55 degrees, which is perfect for advanced users.


In 1974, Hungarian architect Erno Rubik began tinkering with ways to help his students understand 3D movement. After months of trial and error, he created a puzzle mechanism he called the Magic Cube (Buvos Kocka) that was eventually renamed the Rubik’s Cube. Since then, it has become the world’s bestselling puzzle toy and inspired numerous artworks and films. It also spawned a competitive sport called speed cubing, where young people race to solve the cube in the shortest possible time.

There are roughly 43 quintillion possibilities for arranging the nine colored sides of the Cube. However, only one in twelve of these is solvable. The other eleven are not, but learning to solve them can make the cube a truly fascinating challenge.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best speed cube for you. Some of these include the size, stability and catch. Some of these are more important than others, but it all comes down to your personal preference.


The design of a Speedcube cube plays an important role in its functionality. Most speed cubes have lesser friction between the layers, allowing them to turn quickly and smoothly. This allows them to execute algorithms efficiently and accurately. However, too much friction can compromise the control of a cube.

Another important feature of a speed cube is its corner cutting ability. This ability enables the cube to realign itself when a single layer is misaligned, which is a common occurrence in the execution of algorithms. This ability is also referred to as “reverse corner cutting” in the cubing world.

One of the most popular cubes on the market is the Yuxin Little Magic. This factory magnetized speed cube is fast out of the box and offers excellent performance at an affordable price. It comes in both stickerless and stickered versions to suit your preference. Other great options include the Qiyi MS magnetic cube and the YJ Valk 3 M.

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