How to Find Fake AJs

When you’re buying a pair of AJ1s it can be difficult to tell whether they are real or fake. Luckily, there are some quick red flags to watch out for that can save you the hassle of opening the box.

For starters, look at the font on the details tag. Authentic AJ1s have smaller and thinner letters while fake ones use thicker letters. Visit Maxluxes for fake Ajs.

1. The box

The first thing to check if your sneakers are fake is the box. Generally, fake sneakers come in boxes that have more dents and scratches than authentic ones. The boxes are also made from cheaper materials, and the fonts on the details tag tend to be a bit bigger in fake shoes. Also, the lace bag on real AJ1s is compact and neatly woven together, while fake pairs have a lot of air space in them.

In addition, if you see a pair of AJ1s being sold for less than $40, that’s a good indication that they’re probably fake. There are no legitimate retailers that sell deadstock AJ1s for such low prices. Aside from that, the color of the box is a big giveaway for authenticity.

2. The laces

AJ1 fakes are so rampant that there is hardly any country that is safe from them. While most sneakerheads know how to spot a fake pair from a far distance, it is still possible for counterfeiters to get away with their smuggling activities if they are not very careful. So here are some quick red flags that even the average sneakerhead can look out for to avoid falling victim to these fakers.

One of the easiest ways to tell if your AJ1 is fake is by looking at the laces. Real AJ1 laces are woven together tightly and compactly while fake AJ1 laces are pieced together haphazardly and have a lot of space between them.

Similarly, the back-ankle region of an authentic AJ1 should curve outwards at both sides while fake AJ1 sneakers tend to be straight in this area. Also, the text on the details tag should be thicker and more bolded on an authentic pair while fake AJ1 sneakers have their size and country information more spread out.

3. The stitching

The fake AJs are becoming more and more realistic. They can easily fool any person in a quick glance. One should start by checking the box itself, which should be neat and free of any dents and scratches. Also, the fonts on the details tag should be slightly bigger.

Another red flag to watch out for is the stitching. Real AJs have neat and symmetrical stitching that gives off a glowing look when placed under dark light. The gap between each stitch should be consistent and the stitches should not be overlapping or sticking out. Next, check the lace bag. Authentic lace bags are woven together compactly while fake ones have too much air space inside. If you notice any of these three red flags, it’s probably time to open the box and make a more detailed assessment of the shoes. If the AJ1 passes these three fast checks, it is likely to be authentic.

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