How to Get Loan without linking your BVN?

Loan without linking your BVN

In today’s world, loans have become an integral part of our lives. From buying a new house or car to funding our education or business, loans have made it easier for us to fulfill our financial requirements. However, the process of obtaining a loan can be tedious, especially when it comes to linking your BVN (Bank Verification Number). The good news is that you can get a loan without linking your BVN. Here’s how:

Look for alternative lenders

There are several alternative lenders that offer loans without linking your BVN. These lenders are not traditional banks, but they provide similar services. They are often online lenders and have a faster approval process than banks. However, these lenders may have higher interest rates than banks, so it’s important to do your research before taking a loan from them.

Apply for a loan from a credit union:

Credit unions are non-profit organizations that offer financial services to their members. They are different from banks because they are owned by their members, who have a say in how the credit union is run. Credit unions are often more lenient when it comes to loan requirements, and they may not require you to link your BVN to get a loan.

Get a loan from a peer-to-peer lending platform:

Peer-to-peer lending platforms connect borrowers with individual investors who are willing to lend money. These platforms are often online and have a quick application process. They also offer loans without linking your BVN. However, like alternative lenders, peer-to-peer lending platforms may have higher interest rates than banks.

Apply for a secured loan:

A secured loan is a loan that is backed by collateral. Collateral is an asset that you pledge to the lender as security for the loan. If you default on the loan, the lender can take possession of the collateral. Secured loans may not require you to link your BVN, and they often have lower interest rates than unsecured loans. However, if you default on the loan, you could lose the collateral.

Borrow from friends and family:

Borrowing from friends and family may not be the ideal situation, but it’s an option if you need a loan without linking your BVN. However, it’s important to remember that borrowing from friends and family can strain relationships if you are unable to repay the loan.


Obtaining a loan without linking your BVN is possible. You can look for alternative lenders, apply for a loan from a credit union, get a loan from a peer-to-peer lending platform, apply for a secured loan, or borrow from friends and family. However, it’s important to do your research and choose the option that works best for your financial situation.

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