Join a Community of Yogis and Enroll in a Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh

The yogic community is a family. Whether it’s a local studio or a yoga teacher training program, it’s a space where students share similar goals and aspirations. This bond is what creates a supportive environment that allows yogis to grow together.

Ibarra encourages her students to treat their online classes as they would in a studio, staying after class and engaging with one another. She also sets aside time for questions and comments.


A practice community is an important part of the yoga experience. It provides support and encouragement for practitioners, allowing them to feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle and allows for personal growth.

The community can be a big motivation for students, as they are more likely to attend classes regularly when they are motivated by the presence of others who share their passion for yoga. They can also be encouraged to participate in challenges and yoga series, such as those created by popular YouTube yogi Adriene Mishler.

Yoga studios can support their community by offering donation-based classes. These classes allow people of different income levels to enjoy the benefits of yoga, without having to pay the high prices associated with regular yoga classes. This can be especially beneficial for families. Moreover, it can help reduce the effects of gentrification, which can push lower-income residents out of their communities.


Having the support of your yoga community is crucial to maintaining your yoga practice. While you can practice alone, a community of yogis provides an added layer of motivation and encouragement. This can help you overcome challenges on your mat and push past physical boundaries that you may not have thought possible.

A strong yoga community will not only support you in your personal practice, but it will also inspire you to share the joy of yoga with others. By sharing the benefits of yoga with those around you, you can help them find balance in their lives and develop healthy habits.

If you are a yoga teacher interested in deepening your knowledge alongside like-minded yogis, this mentorship is the right fit for you. The program includes 6 Virtual Meet-up Sessions that are spread over five months, as well as access to a mentoring online portal that includes bonus materials such as business workbook and templates, thought-provoking prompts for self-development, and spreadsheets specific to yoga teachers’ needs.


Being a part of a community allows students to gain access to resources and support, which can be instrumental in their yoga practice. For example, instructors can host workshops that teach students new techniques or ways to deepen their practice. In addition, they can encourage students to connect with one another by fostering a sense of belonging and friendship in class.

Community also offers a source of comfort in times of distress, as it is easier to express feelings and emotions in groups. It also creates a sense of safety, which is especially important for yogis who are dealing with issues such as depression.

Many yogis prefer to stay at yoga schools in Rishikesh during their Yoga TTC program, as they are well-equipped with modern facilities and a clean living environment. Moreover, most yoga schools provide their students with a wholesome and healthy diet which is free of nonvegetarian items. It helps the students to focus on their practice and get the right amount of energy for the yogic workouts.


The feeling of connection that comes with practicing yoga in a community setting is often the driving force for students to continue coming back to class. It can also help them find motivation to stay dedicated to their practice and evolve.

To further build your community, try connecting with other yogis online. This could be as simple as creating a private Facebook group where you invite new clients to interact with each other and ask questions. You can also host a community workshop with another yoga-related business or service provider to offer more opportunities for your community members to connect.

Building relationships with students can also help you better understand their bodies and healing needs, resulting in more tailored yoga instruction. This can be as easy as talking to them before and after class, learning their names, and showing a genuine interest in them.

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