Modern Comfort in Nature: Hillock Green Condo

Hillock Green is well-connected via the town’s extensive bus network, with renowned educational institutions like Anderson Serangoon Junior College and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School located nearby. It is also close to popular shopping venues like Ang Mo Kio Hub and Djitsun Mall.

Residents can enjoy the area’s top-notch transportation links, a rich history, and a strong sense of community. They can also take advantage of modern luxuries, expansive outdoor spaces, and superior connectivity. Visit to check Hillock Green Price.


Hillock Green is nestled within the coveted Linden Knoll Community of Pike Creek, Delaware. This low maintenance home offers easy living with loads of common area space and an enviable back deck for outdoor enjoyment. With fresh paint, practically new HVAC and updated bathrooms, this renovated 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home exudes an inviting and welcoming appeal.

Residents can take advantage of the convenient location, which provides a range of essential services. There are several shopping and dining options in the vicinity, including Greenwich V, which offers a village-like experience with a variety of shops, from Cold Storage to Paradise Hotpot. Additionally, there are top-notch healthcare facilities in the area, such as Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic and Thye Hua Kwan Hospital.

The area also boasts excellent connectivity, thanks to the nearby Lentor MRT station. This means that Hillock Green is well-connected to the rest of the city, and the rest of the country for that matter.


The Hillock Green Condo is surrounded by an array of amenities and features that allow residents to lead an engaging lifestyle. Within a kilometre of the development, residents can visit numerous shopping and dining options at Ang Mo Kio Hub or Thomson Plaza, including hawker centres and cafes.

Additionally, the Seletar West Farmway has been transformed into a community farming hub where Hillock Green residents can lease farming plots and participate in related activities. The initiative aims to foster a sense of community closeness, as well as promote a sustainable lifestyle. The hub also offers residents with farming subsidies and guidance from qualified agronomists.

The township is also home to notable educational institutions, such as Anderson Secondary School and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School. Known for their rigorous curriculum and extensive co-curricular programmes, these schools will provide an excellent learning environment for children to develop their potential.


Hillock Green Condo boasts a wide range of facilities to ensure that its residents are well-served. These include fitness centers for health enthusiasts, landscaped gardens for leisurely strolls, and BBQ pits for quality family time.

The area is also home to top-notch medical facilities such as the Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic and Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, allowing residents to receive medical attention when needed. Additionally, residents can access excellent schools such as CHIJ, Anderson Primary School, Presbyterian High School, Mayflower Secondary School, and Yio Chu Kang Secondary School.

Hillock Green and Yio Chu Kang are set to become even more vibrant and liveable through improved connections, a wider range of housing options, upgraded services, and enhanced green spaces. Meanwhile, their rich heritage will be honoured as they move forward into a bright future.


Hillock Green Condo features a range of residential units that meet various lifestyle preferences. Its units are spacious and well-designed, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant living experience for its residents.

A Hillock Green unit would likely feature open-concept living and dining areas, a kitchen that reflects modern design trends, and bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Depending on the unit type, it may also include a balcony or utility room.

Those looking to purchase a Hillock Green condo will find that the area offers several shopping options. The Ang Mo Kio Hub, Djitsun Mall, and Jubilee Square are all nearby and offer a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. In addition, the area has a number of schools that provide an excellent education for children. With its location near a number of amenities and its close proximity to Lentor MRT Station, Hillock Green is an ideal choice for families.

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