MoYu 15×15 Review

MoYu 15×15 is the largest big cube release from the company and features a great compact size for better turning and maneuverability. It comes with a luxury carrying case and gold accents.

This puzzle is a great challenge for any solver! It will test your patience and determination to solve.


The Moyu 15×15 is the first mass-produced 15×15 cube and the largest big cube release from Moyu. It features a large compact size for better maneuverability and turning, and comes in a luxury carrying case with gold accents and handle. It is a great option for anyone looking for a large cube that turns as easily as a smaller cube. The cube comes covered in factory lube, so I recommend cleaning it out before use. It also comes with a spare sticker and screws, as well as an elegant black box / case.

This is a great cube for beginners and seasoned pros alike!


The MoYu 15×15 is the first mass produced big cube from Moyu in over 3 years. It has a compact size for better turning and maneuverability, and is incredibly smooth! It is also a very durable and anti-pop cube, with a beautiful black collector’s box and spare stickers.

It uses new moulding technology, with multi-inner-circle and triple-center design to provide better stablity and smoother turning. It also features high-end Oracle stickers, which are bright and vibrant, tightly attached to the cube. It comes with a spare set of stickers and screws in the luxury black collector’s box! This is the best big cube on the market.


MoYu 15×15 is the largest big cube release from Moyu and offers a great compact size that gives a smooth turning ability. It comes with a luxury carrying case that features gold accents and handle for added convenience.

This is the first mass-produced 15×15 that I have owned, and it is very good! It has a buttery feel to it, almost as good as the Yuxin 10×10 I have. It is very fast and has great maneuverability for a cube this size.

The Moyu 15×15 is a must-have for any serious cuber, and it would make a great addition to any collection!


MoYu 15×15 is the largest cube in their big puzzle line and offers a new challenge for even experienced solvers. This puzzle features excellent and considered engineering delivering smooth turns throughout all layers and corners. The puzzle comes packaged in an impressive display box, and includes a limited return warranty if you’re not satisfied with the quality.

Moyu is a well-known brand in both competitive speedcubing and puzzles generally. They are best known for producing the first sub-5 and sub-4 3×3 world record singles, and their popular Cubing Classroom series of value-oriented cubes.

The MoYu 15×15 is the company’s first mass-produced 15×15, and it is sized in such a way that it is barely larger than your palm. This small size allows for smooth and enjoyable turning, and the pieces fit snugly together to make maneuvering a breeze. The cube is covered in factory lube and comes with a luxury carrying case with gold accents and handle.

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