OceanWP – Boundless Business – A Versatile WooCommerce Theme

OceanWP is a multi-purpose theme with a focus on online store support. The theme features a responsive layout and excellent performance scores. It scores high on both GTmetrix and YSlow, and performs well on mobile as well.

This theme comes with a number of starter templates that are specifically designed for ecommerce websites. These include product galleries, a floating add-to-cart bar, and quick-view options.


Boundless Business is a versatile Shopify theme that allows you to showcase high-resolution product images. Its minimalist design is great for visual-driven brands, including decor stores and jewelry stores. It also works well for stores that sell niche products, such as crystal sculptures or art books. Its unique look also appeals to service companies that focus on showcasing their achievements.

Many merchants give Boundless a poor rating because it doesn’t allow robust customization. This is especially true for the product page, where you cannot reduce the product description or change the review and product recommendation elements. Check our products

Despite these shortcomings, the Boundless theme is still a top choice for high-volume stores. Its powerful merchandising features and conversion tools help you drive more sales and make your store stand out from the competition. The Boundless theme also includes a free stock image platform called Burst, which can boost your website’s visibility and search engine rankings. In addition, the theme is mobile-friendly and seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s most popular ecommerce plugins.


The Boundless Business Shopify theme is a highly customizable and professional template that features a clean design. Its minimalist layout allows you to focus on your product photos and text. This theme is ideal for fashion stores, furniture shops, and other visual-driven businesses. It is also mobile-friendly and optimized for speed.

The Shopify Boundless Business theme is available for free on the Shopify Theme Store. It includes two distinct styles: Vibrant and Black & White. The Black & White version has a more muted aesthetic, while the Vibrant theme has a more colorful palette. Both themes are free to install and can be customized to fit your brand’s style.

While the Boundless theme isn’t the best option for every type of store, it has a unique style that appeals to customers. It is a great choice for businesses that offer unique products or are in low-competition industries. Its image-oriented design will make your business stand out from the competition.


Boundless Business is a responsive Shopify theme that allows you to display edge-to-edge product imagery. It is also optimized for mobile viewing and seamlessly integrates with Burst – Shopify Free Stock Image Platform.

Its clean and minimalist design is great for visual-driven brands and stores that specialize in handmade products. It also comes with a wide range of premium functions and features that you can use to create a one-of-a-kind website.

This theme is a perfect option for businesses that want to highlight their services, achievements, and testimonials. Its modern and responsive layout helps you leave a 5-second impression on first-time visitors, no matter what device they are using to visit your site. It also includes a variety of premium functions, such as 4 header layouts, a standalone theme options panel with more than 80 design or styling options, and support for the incredibly powerful Elementor page builder plugin. It is highly customizable and easy to edit.


WooCommerce provides full integration with WP and a variety of plugins, allowing for a customizable shopping experience. WooCommerce supports the standard WordPress navigation and pagination styles, ensuring that your site will look great on any browser. WooCommerce also provides styling for various elements, including product lists, product grids, and shop pages.

A premium theme is a great way to set your business apart from the competition. A unique design will improve brand recognition, customer engagement, and ultimately sales. While a premium theme might cost more than a free or basic one, it will provide more features and benefits.

Boundless is a versatile and modern theme with multiple homepage layouts, enticing parallax and metro, and many different portfolio layouts. It comes with a full suite of premium functions, like a standalone theme admin panel with over 80 design or styling options, countless Google webfonts, and support for the amazing Elementor page builder plugin.

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