Parent Visa Australia – Bring your Parents to Australia in 2022!

Have you moved to Australia and want your parents to join you?

If yes, apply for the Parent Visa Australia now! The Home Affairs Department has opened borders for PR holders and citizens of Australia to bring their parents to Australia. With the Australia Parent Visa, people with permanent residency or citizens can sponsor their parents for a PR visa.

Types of Parent Visa Australia

The following categories make up Australian parent visas.

1. Contributing Parent Visa

2. Non-contributory Parent Visa

3. Parental Sponsorship Visa

1.  Contributing Parent Visas:

Contributory Parent Visa allows you to move to Australia with your child as a permanent resident while also allowing you to later apply for citizenship. Due to the significant amount of money that must be paid at the time of application—roughly AUD 40,000 for the primary applicant—these visas are known as “Contributory” visas.

The rapid processing of Contributory Parent Visas makes them more appealing than non-contributory. Within 4 to 5 years, you should have the visa. 

Parents of Australian residents who are not pensioners may be granted one of the following types of Contributory Parent Visas:

·        Parental Visa (Subclass 173)

This visa has a two-year maximum validity period, after which you must apply for a permanent visa. You can work and study there but cannot prolong your stay; you must apply for subclass 143 to do so.

·        Parent Visa, Permanent (Subclass 143).

This category of visa is perpetual. Either apply straight for this visa or the 173 Visa and switch to the 143.

Pensioner parents of Australian citizens are granted Contributory Aged Parent Visas. It will help if you comply with the Australian legal definition of pension age to qualify for this visa. They are broken down into:

·        Parent Visa (Subclass 884)

With the help of this temporary visa, you can visit Australia for two years before applying for a permanent one.

·        Parent Visa (Subclass 864)

The Contributory Aged  Visa for parents is now available permanently. You can apply for it or move from 884 to 864.

You must be in Australia to apply for either of these visas, and a bridging visa will allow you to stay there while the application is being processed.

Contributory Parent Visas: Temporary vs. Permanent

The Temporary Contributory Visa and the Permanent Contributory Visa are two components of one whole. You can apply for a short-term visa (with a two-year validity) and apply for a permanent visa within that time.

Even though temporary visas are typically significantly more affordable than permanent ones, they are nevertheless highly expensive—upwards of AUD 30,000. That’s because, after paying for the temporary visa, you only have to pay the difference when you apply for the permanent visa.

Therefore, if the Permanent Visa costs AUD 40,000 and the Temporary Visa costs AUD 30,000, the payment procedure is as follows:

·        Request a temporary visa.

·        Pay the fee of AUD 30,000.

·        Request a permanent visa.

·        Pay the remainder of AUD 10,000.

The appeal of the two-step procedure is that you can spread out the payment of the visa cost over a longer period in smaller amounts.

2.  Non-contributory Parent Visas

Visa Subclasses 103 and 804 are types of non-contributory parent visas. They both take a very long time to process—between 20 and 30 years—but they both result in permanent citizenship after a few years, citizenship).

Permanent residency is possible with the Subclass 103 Parent Visa Australia. The requirements for this visa category are comparable to those for contributing visas, however, the cost is substantially cheaper, and the processing time is much longer (up to 30 years). Additionally, you typically cannot process your application while in Australia.

Due to the non-contributory nature of the Aged Parent Visa 804, it may take up to 30 years to obtain PR in Australia. But you must go to Australia to apply for the visa; while there, you’ll be given a bridging visa that will let you stay there lawfully while your application is being reviewed.

The 804 Visa requires that you be of pension age, just like its counterpart, the Contributory Visa.

3. Sponsored Parent Visa Australia

Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Visa Australia is a temporary visa that can only be obtained by parents who want to go to Australia to see their kids but do not want to stay there permanently. It can only be extended for 10 years and is only provided for 3 to 5 years.

Subclass Visa 870 is processed much quicker than other parent visas and has less strict standards because it is only a temporary visa. Meanwhile, different Parent Visa Australia categories can take 4 to 30 years to process.

The 870 Visa cannot be changed into a permanent visa type, which is what makes it unique. The 870 Visa disqualifies you from applying for other long-term parent visas (contributory or non-contributory).

Once granted an 870 Visa, you must wait until it expires, depart the country, and begin the permanent residency application process.

Parent Visa Australia – Eligibility requirements

This visa requires the following requirements:

·        The individual for this visa must be offshore at the time of application.

·        The applicant must pass the balance family testing. 

·        The applicant must have at least half of their children who are Australian citizens, PR holders, or New Zealand citizens, according to a balancing family test.

·        Must adhere to all requirements for character and health.

How to apply for a Parent visa Australia?

The steps in the contributing parent visa application process are as follows:

·        Gather the necessary paperwork for the parent visa you are applying for. The applicant must possess all the required documentation and full documentation from the person sponsoring them.

·        Complete the application form and submit it. Remember that the applicant must be from outside Australia when applying for a parent visa.

·        Additionally, your application form shouldn’t contain any contradicting facts that could result in the visa being denied.

·        The individual will get an acknowledgment upon receiving the application. The Home Affairs Department could contact the applicant for any extra information they might need.

·        The waiting period for the result follows. The application’s development is always communicated in writing.

Important Difference between Contributory and Non-Contributory Parent Visa Australia

There are two options for parents seeking permanent residence: “non-contributory” and “contributory.” Although the non-contributory Visa requires a lesser government application fee, it takes substantially longer to process. The contributing parent visa can be handled much more quickly, but there is a much higher application fee.

However, there is a possibility to split the contributory visa fee into two phases. The application for a provisional visa, which is authorized for two years, is made in the first stage. Before the temporary permit expires, you can apply for a permanent visa and pay the remaining fees in the second stage.


Their family supports everyone’s life constantly. Regardless of how successful and rich your life may be; it will always be lacking if your parents are not present to share their achievements.

For this reason, numerous visa subclasses under the Parent visa Australia category allow various family units to reunite with their family members in Australia.

So, contact us at The Migration if you want to apply for a Parent Visa Australia or need more guidance.

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