The Best Cube Timer For Speed Cubing

An essential piece of gear for anyone who takes speed cubing seriously, a cube timer allows you to track solving times and improve algorithms, plus is often used in competitions and championships.

A great cube timer allows for simple monitoring via display, and comes equipped with a mat to protect the cube from being damaged by excessive movement or impact.

YJ Pocket Timer

The YJ Pocket Timer was among the first touchless timers. Utilizing infrared to sense your hands and start timing when they come within 4 cm of both sides, its indicator light turns green to signal its readiness and red when your time has expired. Perfect for cubers looking to practice professional solves without keeping their hands on the table, this compact portable timer requires 2 AAA batteries (short lanyard included) for operation and weighs less than 40g compared to similar Gen 5 and Gen 4 timers.

Qiyi Magic Cube Timer

Timers are essential tools for serious speed cubers, helping them track their times and enhance their solves in practice and competitions. While finding the appropriate cube timer may prove challenging, choosing one tailored to meet your specific needs should not be underestimated – options include the Qiyi Magic Cube Timer and Speed Stacks Timer as potential options.

An effective timer should be simple and intuitive to use, ideally mounted onto a cube mat for optimal results. Furthermore, its display should be clear, and accurate down to within 0.001 seconds; additionally a data port provides convenient way of sending statistics directly into WCA displays.

Rubik’s cube timers are indispensable tools for speedcubers. By practicing against a timer, speedcubers have achieved remarkable speeds with this puzzle; currently the world record stands at 3.47 seconds and many strive to beat that record. A rubik’s cube timer can help speedcubers track their progress over time as they increase their solving speed.

Speed Stacks Timer

As a speedcuber, timing your solves is of great significance to reaching world championships. That is why it is vital to invest in a quality cube timer which provides accurate results; there are various models on the market which may work for you.

The Speed Stacks Timer features an ergonomically designed curved shape to fit the bend of your hands, as well as ultra-sensitive sensors capable of sensing even the slightest touch. Furthermore, reset and power buttons feature hold features to prevent accidental presses. Finally, there is also a data port available to connect it with tournament displays (sold separately).

This competition timer is used by WSSA sport stacking tournaments. Featuring a StackMat that provides the ideal surface for sport stacking, and rolling up into a convenient carry bag – it features three decimal places for greater accuracy as well as memory to store your best stacking times and a button-lock mounting system!

GAN Halo Timer

The GAN Halo Timer is an advanced speedcuber’s dream timer. Boasting an elegant design and intuitive user interface that makes it simple to operate, the timer offers customizable settings including 90 lighting effects for ease of use.

The Halo Timer is fully compatible with the Cube Station app, allowing you to monitor your progress and customize training. With up to 10,000 results stored internally and wireless connectivity for connecting directly with the app, your data won’t get lost should there be any connection issues between device and app.

One of our favorite features are the lights around the sensors, which can be configured in any color you like. This adds an elegant touch, with changing light colors signaling when your cube is ready to solve or when you are currently solving. Unfortunately, some settings cause flashes of lights quickly which might be bothersome to some people who are sensitive.

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