The Softest Toilet Paper Brand

Shoppers seeking the best bang for their buck when it comes to toilet paper can find a wide variety of options on store shelves. Sheets per roll and pricing are important factors to consider, along with the disintegration rate.

CHOICE tested more than 30 rolls from supermarket staples to eco-alternatives. Here are the top-rated brands, based on softness, lint, and if they can be flushed without trouble.

Lovely Poo Poo

When it comes to toilet paper, consumers can get tripped up by shopping for rolls that are too rough or that leave behind lint. Choice has tested 30 rolls from supermarket staples to eco-alternatives, looking at their structural integrity, softness, and disintegration time. They’ve ranked the best in terms of quality and value, and here are their top picks. Visit for Softest Toilet Paper Brand.

One of the softer options in the Choice review, Quilted Northern scored a good 86 percent overall. This two-ply toilet tissue is also very affordable, especially when purchased in bulk. It’s free of perfumes and scents, so it won’t leave the skin irritated and it’s sustainably sourced.

It’s also septic-safe and works well in finicky plumbing systems, including RVs. It has a soft feel and no fragrance, which makes it less likely to discourage bacteria in septic tanks from breaking it down quickly. However, it only comes in four-packs, which can be inconvenient for some buyers.

Angel Soft

GP PRO’s exclusive Angel Soft brand provides the right balance of softness and strength. It’s a heavenly combination that your guests will love at a price you’ll feel good about. This septic safe toilet paper is made from sustainably sourced trees. It’s a great choice for hotels, restaurants and other businesses that want to give their guests the softer side of life.

This soft 2-ply toilet tissue offers the appearance and feel of at-home bathroom tissue for guests and visitors to your business. It has an attractive emboss, and the clean upscale packaging coordinates with decor. Plus, the high-capacity 450-sheet rolls decrease roll changes and reduce labor costs. This septic-safe toilet paper is also flushable and clog-free, and it’s eco-friendly.

We tested this product for strength, softness and absorption in our labs. While it performed well in our tests, it had some shortcomings that we found frustrating. In particular, it doesn’t roll up very easily and it tends to separate the plies when tearing it.

Seventh Generation

The long rolls of perforated sheets that we stash in the bathroom are nearly indistinguishable from one another. But take a closer look at each package and subtle differences come to light. Each company has a distinct design and texture, largely due to its pulp source. Some use new paper pulp made from newly cut trees. Others have shifted to recycled pulp from old papers.

Some companies also use a process called “creping” to soften, strengthen and fluff their toilet paper. This creates ripples that can help it clean better. However, creping adds more water to the paper and can cause it to shrink or break down faster. It can also add phthalates (potent endocrine disruptors linked to obesity, hyperactivity in children and degraded sperm quality) and petroleum-derived paraffin wax (a carcinogen).

If you want to help reduce the staggering rate of deforestation while minimizing the negative effects on your health, look for products that are FSC certified. The FSC stamp of approval means the paper comes from a well-managed forest. It does, however, raise the cost by up to 20%.


When shopping for a value-oriented toilet paper, there are many factors to consider. First, determine how much TP you need and can store at one time. Next, look for a price that is right for you and your family. Finally, choose a package size that fits your needs and the size of your dispenser or drawer.

The Amazon brand Presto is an exceptional choice for thrifty shoppers. The septic-safe bath tissue is incredibly soft but not too thin, and the mega roll lasts 4.5 times longer than a standard roll (based on a single 66-sheet count). Presto also performed well in our wet paper drop test, and was able to absorb liquid without leaking or leaving behind any residue. This septic-safe toilet paper is also PEFC certified, which means it comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. Without discounts, this TP is cheaper than the best deals on Charmin and Quilted Northern but more expensive than Kirkland Signature from Costco or Member’s Mark from Sam’s Club.

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