Top 4 Content Automation Platforms for Websites

Using content automation can be very beneficial for your website, especially when it comes to increasing your sales and conversions. You can automate various tasks, such as sending emails, updating your blog posts, and even updating social media posts. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to using these tools.

Copy AI

Copy AI is a content creation tool that utilizes artificial intelligence. This means that the system will take in the details of the task and produce a relevant copy within seconds. It is a useful tool for anyone who wants to create content, whether it be an article, blog post, or social media post.

With the help of Copy AI, you can generate articles, social posts, product descriptions, and more. It also provides a free trial to help you get started. However, keep in mind that the output will not be publish-ready. To avoid that, it is recommended that you tweak the generated content manually.

Copy AI is an easy to use tool. Users can choose from a variety of templates and use the various features on offer to generate content.


DivvyHQ content automation is a powerful marketing tool that helps teams of all types and sizes plan, schedule, and execute their content marketing efforts. This includes managing your team’s projects, tracking your conversations, and integrating with your favorite social media and analytics platforms.

DivvyHQ is an upstream content operations hub for companies and organizations worldwide. The company offers a 14-day free trial. DivvyHQ’s content planning tools make it easy to lay out your workflows and assign tasks to team members. It also makes it easy to track the history of your content items and version numbers.

DivvyHQ provides a robust search feature. You can use the tool to find matching content records, and customize your searches by content type and other parameters. DivvyHQ also offers deep filtering options, as well as the ability to add key metadata to your content pieces.


GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing platform. It allows you to automate your emails, create landing pages, and promote your products and services. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, or just need to build a subscriber list, GetResponse can help you grow your business.

The platform offers over 400 templates for you to use. Templates are divided into different categories, such as email campaigns, forms, and landing pages. You can even choose from workflows, which are automated processes you can build to send triggered emails.

Compared to other email marketing tools, GetResponse is relatively easy to use. It has an integrated design tool that helps you create professional looking emails. However, you will need to practice using the drag-and-drop email editor. This feature is easy to learn, but can become clunky as your workflow grows.


Quill is the world’s leading Primary Content production platform. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn data into stories and reports. This helps users understand what their audience wants. Using a common language and analytics dashboards, Quill generates personalized narratives that help businesses to communicate their vision.

Quill’s model combines technology and talent to create a new model for high-volume, high-quality content generation. It automates report-making processes and report-generating applications, and makes it easy to deliver key metrics and insights.

Quill is also known for its use of natural language generation software, which generates reports automatically from analytics dashboards. It can handle any size data set and any processing speed. As an added feature, the software can process articles in their own words, rather than using the original text.

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