Top Clean and Simple WordPress Themes

Minimalist websites are easier to maintain and load faster than websites with lots of content. Websites using minimalist design trends include flat graphic designs, bold typography, white space, and hidden global navigation.

For example, Zen Habits features a simple oversize sans-serif font on their homepage. They also omit unnecessary words from their copy to ensure that visitors can easily read the site’s content.


The clean theme design lets your content shine through. It also reduces site loading speed, which provides your visitors with a better user experience. Besides, minimal designs are highly in demand among creative professionals because they make their beautiful works stand out even more.

Designed for entrepreneurship business, news media, creative portfolios, digital agency and personal websites, Minim is an elegant and versatile WordPress theme. It comes with a unique page builder, which turns every beginner into a professional web designer. The WYSIWYG-what you see is what you get-interface allows you to customize pages with just a few clicks, without any coding skills needed.

This minimalist WooCommerce theme has a full-width layout that’s perfect for showcasing products and services. It’s packed with features that help you sell like a pro, including a product builder, customer wish list, and quick view. It also supports multiple currencies and shipping methods. The theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.


Neve is one of the new breed of WordPress themes that focus on a lightweight foundation and integrates well with page builders like Elementor (and Gutenberg). It also renders your site as native AMP pages, keeping you on Google’s good side.

It’s also super easy to customize, and there are a lot of demo sites to help you get started. And if you ever need some hand-holding, there’s a great support team ready to help.

This minimalist theme is perfect for writers and bloggers, with a full-width hero slider on scroll and simple mosaic-style image galleries. It also has a masonry-style blog layout and supports the use of Instagram pics in your portfolio. It’s responsive and comes with plenty of customization options, including a custom color palette and customizable widgets. And it’s super fast, thanks to its clean code. It even has some developer features, such as advanced hooks and filters.

Hello Elementor

Hello is a simple WordPress theme from the developers of the popular page builder plugin Elementor. It’s a blank canvas that loads in a flash and inspires designers with its minimal styling.

It’s an ideal foundation for site builders who don’t want a lot of features or built-in styles. It’s also a lightweight theme that doesn’t add too much burden on the server, ensuring that your website runs smoothly and fast.

The theme also integrates well with popular WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, Akismet, Contact Form 7, WPML and WooCommerce. It’s also fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Just be aware that the theme is not a complete solution for your website and you’ll need to create headers, footers and content templates using your page builder plugin or via custom CSS. Nevertheless, the theme is a great option for new or inexperienced site builders who need a fast-loading WordPress platform that works well with their plugins. This way, they can focus on designing their pages instead of worrying about the theme’s performance, features and code.

Inspiro Premium

This theme is ideal for a blog or podcast about vlogging, photography, or other multimedia content. It features a modern homepage layout that puts your multimedia content front and center. It also supports video embeds from popular platforms as well as self-hosted files. It is a lightweight theme that helps websites load fast.

Another minimalist WordPress theme is Luminis, which is perfect for photographers and photo agencies. It uses a grid-based layout to display alternating post excerpts and featured images. It also has a hero section to feature engaging content on the home page.

The Inspiro Pro version of this theme offers more advanced features than the Lite version. These include full Elementor integration with custom-tailored modules, a video background in the slider, and a video background on hover for portfolio items. In addition, the theme comes with several starter sites that can be imported with one click and support for WooCommerce to enable ecommerce.

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