Vision Measurement Systems Manufacturers

Vision measurement systems manufacturers provide machines that automatically perform part gauging and inspection tasks quickly, accurately and with high repeatability. They are ideal for applications where contact probes cannot keep up with production speeds or are too costly to use for high-throughput inspection.

Manufacturer of standard & custom optical measurement equipment & systems. Products include vision measuring instruments, optic comparators & 2D motorized & manual microscopes in vertical & horizontal view orientations. Serves electronics, display technology & automotive industries.

Optical Comparators

Optical comparators are inspection machines that project magnified images of parts onto a screen for the purpose of making 2-D measurements. They are used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, from automotive and aerospace to consumer products and food processing equipment.

A basic optical comparator features a light source, magnification lens and mirrors that reflect off of the main screen to display the image right-side up and reversed on the X axis or horizontal axis. More advanced models offer telecentric optics, which eliminates the reversal of the image and increases depth of field.

When using an optical comparator, it is necessary to place a chart with a grid or concentric circle marks on the part to be measured. This overlay chart is then matched with the measurement image on the screen. The comparison can be made by eye or using a computer program.

Multi-Sensor Systems

Often, vision measurement systems have to address two different goals at the same time — scanning large areas and capturing fine surface features. These dual purposes cannot be achieved with the same sensor model without making compromises on resolution, but fortunately, multiple sensors can work in tandem to achieve both goals on one flexible multi-sensor platform.

These platforms include dual optical systems that work in tandem to capture a wide range of feature sizes and other types of data points, as well as touch probe capability that allows users to travel into recessed spaces to measure delicate parts that may be too difficult for a vision process to access. They also incorporate lighting systems that can be adjusted to specific applications, such as working with highly reflective finishes found on medical devices.

Each multi-sensor unit includes a processor, which correlates track files from multiple sensors to identify and record the location of detected objects. These processors can be a standalone component that is glued or bolted onto the substrate or integrally fabricated into the platform.


Manufacturer of standard & custom optical measuring systems utilizing image analysis and patented, automated technology. Provides 2D inspection and 3D (optional touch probe) measurement systems for gauging finished dimensions to design tolerances. Products serve aerospace, automotive, medical & electronics industries. Offers rental services by day, week, month or year. CMM calibrating & repair services also available.

Vision measuring machines use a video camera operating through zoom or telecentric lens to detect the edge on a part (the difference between light and dark areas). The software then computes a complete feature in the form of a point, line, cycle, arc or sphere.

Designed for the demanding QC lab and shop floor, these fully-automated vision measurement systems combine the reliability and accuracy of an optical comparator with the flexibility of digital video measurement technology. They feature a large measurement area with a motorized zoom lens for fast programmable, non-contact measurement of complex components or multiple small parts.


Vision measuring systems are often used as a shop-floor measurement tool to complement CMMs for quick and easy measurements. They are especially useful in collision repair, where they allow the inspection of a vehicle for defects one at a time with a view to rectifying the parameters of industrial processes and reducing manufacturing costs.

Met Optix is the Starrett sales and service Partner in Australia and New Zealand for the full range of vision measurement systems including their touch probe options, enabling 3D measurements to be made.

Vision measuring systems use a video camera and lighting source to closely monitor the work performed in various manufacturing processes to ensure that it was completed within acceptable parameters. For example, the XG-X/CV-X series can detect defects in motor wire tying and soldering by observing contrast between the wires and their environment. They can also check that the bead position on an injector is correct based on color differentiation.

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