Walking Among Giants – Annapurna Base Camp Trekking Adventure

If you’re a true trekking lover, this 11-day trek to the base camp of Annapurna will take you to awe-inspiring mountain scenery, charming settlements of Gurung and Magar people, incredible rhododendron forests and stunning views of the Himalayas.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see many of Nepal’s most attractive ethnic villages whose populations still follow the traditional lifestyle and cultural identity of their ancient past. Moreover, you’ll be able to explore the breathtaking landscapes, dazzling rivers and waterfalls, and the Annapurna Sanctuary.

Day 1

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek Adventure is a spectacular journey through the renowned Annapurna Sanctuary, where you’ll have the opportunity to view some of the world’s highest mountain peaks.

Your trekking journey will take you through a diversified landscape of temperate and alpine forests, streams, highland pastures, rocky terrain and isolated mountain villages.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the culture and lifestyle of the local Gurung and Magar communities while soaking up the natural beauty of this region. This is truly one of the world’s most beautiful trekking experiences!

Day 2

Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp (also known as the Annapurna Sanctuary trek) is a world-class trekking adventure that explores the heart of Nepal’s Annapurna range. It offers a remarkable mix of spectacular mountain vistas, traditional mountain village life and thick rhododendron forest ecosystems.

Hike through remote villages, fairy-tale forests, vast moorlands cut by cascading rivers and the blue-hued peaks of base camp as they glow under starlight. It’s a journey that will change your perspective on trekking and the mountains!

Day 3

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is one of the most famous high-altitude treks in Nepal. It takes you deep into the Himalayas and through the glacial Modi Khola River gorge, passing through tiny Gurung settlements.

The scenery is truly incredible and this adventure is an absolute must if you’re looking to trek in Nepal and experience something special. It’s also perfect if you want to experience a trek that sees less travellers than some of the more established routes.

Day 4

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. It offers spectacular views of mountain peaks and rhododendron trees.

You’ll walk through rhododendron forests and glaciers, pass terraced farmland and villages, and see locals at work in their villages and on the slopes of the mountains. You’ll also climb on stone steps, rocky outcrops, over tree roots, and on bamboo bridges.

Day 5

You’ll hike through the incredible Annapurna Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the way, you’ll discover tiny Gurung settlements, rhododendron forests and mist-shrouded valleys.

Then, you’ll climb to the alpine base camp of Annapurna surrounded by some of the Himalayas’ most famous peaks. From here, you’ll have the chance to take in some of the best views on Earth.

Day 6

Stunning mountain views, fairytale forests, vast moorlands cut by cascading rivers and blue-hued peaks of Annapurna Base Camp await on this spectacular trek.

This incredible trek is perfect for adventurers with a strong passion for nature and exploring traditional mountain village life. You’ll hike through thick rhododendron and bamboo forest ecosystems while immersing yourself in the enchanting lifestyle of local people living a simple Buddhist-inspired life.

Day 7

Everest and Base Camp are two little words that conjure up dreams as massive as the Himalayas themselves. This trek to Mount Everest Base Camp will give you the chance to walk among giants and discover the rugged power of these mountains, while also challenging yourself physically and mentally.

Your guide will carefully plan your itinerary to maximize your chances of reaching Base Camp without suffering altitude sickness. The trek is 63 km (39 miles) each way from Lukla and takes 12 days.

Day 8

The Annapurna Base Camp trek is a dramatic amphitheater of mind-blowing peaks & glistening glaciers. Climbing to 18,193 feet, this mighty mission will take you through mountain monasteries, soaring lookouts & precariously balanced Sherpa villages.

It’s one of Nepal’s most popular treks. We recommend preparing for this expedition with a good level of fitness and an enthusiasm to conquer your physical limits.

Day 9

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a classic Himalayan adventure, offering breathtaking views of mighty mountain peaks and traditional Gurung and Magar villages. The trek also offers a unique glimpse into rhododendron forests that bloom with pink, red and white flowers in the spring.

The trek is not difficult for those who are in good shape and are used to walking up and down long sets of stairs with a backpack on. However, specific training is necessary to ensure that you can fully appreciate this Himalayan experience.

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