What To Look For To Find The Best Clothes For Your Baby?

One might think buying preemie clothes is easier than adult ones, but the truth is quite the opposite. While for grown-ups, it is more about fashion and making a statement, all that is not a concern when buying clothes for your baby.

Making sure they are can become quite a task if you do not know what you are looking for. A good way to start your search is by consulting other parents or getting advice from your OBGYN.

However, since everyone has an expert opinion to share, you might find yourself even more confused at the end of it. Therefore, to make the process simpler, this article further points out a few of the fundamental factors to keep in mind.


This is perhaps one of the first things you should consider checking before you invest in preemie clothes. Irrespective of the look and feel of the fabric, a rather inexpensive product can come at a price other than money. In addition, the low-quality fabric will give rise to skin rashes, irritations, and other such complications.

Babies, more commonly newborns, have more sensitive skin than elders. This is why it is best if you defer from buying any nylon or polyester clothes for your baby. Instead, you can try other innovative alternatives which are sustainable and smoother on the baby’s skin.

You can try organic cotton options, rayon from bamboo, and even azlon from soy. These organic fabrics have suitable properties that make them great for babies. It is also a good idea to keep away from bright colors, as they might contain fluorescent agents. 


Another commonly missed factor when buying baby clothes is their safety. Surveys show that every year, there are millions of preemie clothes that get recalled because of safety standards. This is why every parent should ensure that their purchase does not raise any safety concerns.

Try to avoid buying garments that come with decorations like buttons, bows, hooks, etc. this can further cause choking hazards for the baby. If in case, you want some kind of decoration of the garment, it should be firmly stitched on.

Buying sleepwear is a bit different, and you should choose more snug-fitted and flame-resistant fabrics. This is especially true for babies who are 9 to 14 months old, as they are quite mobile during this stage.


You would not want to buy an adorable gown for the baby only to find it is too small or big. Although you can change it, that will just take a lot of effort and time.

Go for a size that is comfortable and fits the baby properly but also comfortable enough to let them move around easily. Babies often grow quite fast during this stage. So make sure that you take that into account.

You will find a guide to standard measurements on websites like Alibaba. This can help you make the right choice if you are unsure. Nevertheless, most of these generic guidelines fall between sizes.

Even though there are not a wide variety of options you can choose from; the clothes should keep the baby comfortable and safe.

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